Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a selected group of locally-owned and operated businesses that you know and trust.

Our vision is for members of Springfield's Best to be recognized as having value and importance to the community.

Pledge of Excellence
We, the members of Springfield's Best, Inc., pledge to conduct ourselves and our businesses in a manner that integrates honesty, integrity and ethical behavior in all of the endeavors that we pursue and toward each individual with whom we interact.
About Springfield's Best

Springfield's Best, Inc. encourages the public to conduct business with reputable, locally owned or managed companies that operate with honesty, integrity, ethical behavior and to support the Springfield community by keeping their dollars in the Springfield economy. The organization's members have joined forces to:
  • Serve as a forum for members to share marketing strategies, resources and ideas in an environment that promotes networking and activities that build positive relationships among fellow members.

  • Spotlight members and the quality of their individual businesses, thus improving the marketing image and position of all members and giving them a competitive edge in the Springfield marketplace.

  • Build reciprocal business among members. Keep Springfield's retail, service and professional dollars in the Springfield economy.

  • Conduct cooperative public relations and promotional-type programs to enable members to compete effectively with chain stores in Springfield.

Code of Conduct
Members of Springfield's Best, Inc. recognize that the action of any one member reflects on the business image of all its members. As a result, Springfield's Best and its members have adopted a Code of Conduct that all of its members are required to meet and maintain. These requirements and standards are as follows:
  • Members and /or its employees will not discriminate against its customers, employees, or venders regarding sex, age, race, creed or national origin.

  • Members agree to act in good faith; to be honest, truthful and fair to all concerned. Members agree to support the purpose and function of Springfield's Best, Inc., as defined by its bylaws.

  • Members must have a good business reputation in the community and not be subject to adverse intervention of local, state, or government action involving its business practices.

  • A member's public image or reputation will not be, in the opinion of Springfield's Best, Inc., of a nature that would unfavorably affect public opinion of Springfield's Best, Inc. or its members.

  • A member must promptly respond in writing to any and all customer complaints presented by Springfield's Best, Inc. regarding the complaint and any corrective action or adjustments that are required.

  • Springfield's Best, Inc. and its members recognize the confidentiality of its members' businesses and agree to honor that confidentiality.

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